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If you have a home to sell or you are planning to purchase a home, Home Shield Inspections have a variety of services for each client needs. 

Buyer Inspection  

Buyer Inspection refers to the process of examining the condition of the house to be bought so as to enable the buyer to make an informed decision about it.

Seller Inspection / Pre-Listing Inspection

On the other hand, seller/pre-listing inspection is a house examination process meant to enable the house owner who is planning to sell a house to understand all the variables of his/her house in order to enter into and carry out real estate transaction smoothly.

Radon Testing

Radon testing is the process of inspecting your house to find out the presence of radon, which is a potentially harmful radioactive gas, especially indoors. Home inspection involving radon testing helps to reduce the risks of this gas and ensures your safety as you plan to stay or use the house after purchasing it. As a home seller, when the presence of radon is identified and eliminated, you will have a stress-free transaction of your home.

Septic Inspection

Septic inspection refers to the process of checking all the home liquid systems such as tanks, pipes and sewerage systems to ensure that they are functioning normally. In case any leaking or damage is detected, the septic inspection service providers repair them to restore their normal condition.

Termite Inspection

Termite infestation is also recognized as one of the serious threats when it comes to real estate transaction. Professional termite inspection services are meant to eradicate the spread of termites and their associated effects.

All the above services are all geared towards ensuring that the real estate transaction begins and ends smoothly. Whether you are seeking to purchase a home or sell your present home, you need to consider the best home inspection company to carry out these services for you in the most professional way possible.

Home Shield Inspections offers these services, among others in a stress-free manner, while considering your interests as the first priority. With our competent and highly experienced experts in all areas of home inspections, our company will deliver the best services at your earliest and best convenience, as long as you entrust them for quality home inspection services. Yet all this is done at a friendly and an absolutely reasonable price.

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